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GameFest 2013

GameFest 2013 : Saturday April 27, EMPAC

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GameFest 2013: Future Play


April 27, 2013 12:00 PM – 6:30 PM

The Curtis R. Priem Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center
110 8th St.,Troy NY
Saturday, April 27, 2013  12:00 Noon – 6:30 PM
Opening Concert Friday, April 26, 8 PM
Free & Open to the Public

FRIDAY 4/26 – EMPAC Concert Hall:

Opening Concert:  “Twas the Night Before GameFest” – A Game Music Spectacular!

8–10:30 pm

Please join us for an unforgettable evening of game music favorites, including the Angry Birds Theme, Super Mario Brothers, Zelda’s Lullaby and more!  The orchestra will be conducted by Mr. Joshua Osburn with performances by Dean Mary Simoni and the talented students of Rensselaer.


• Student Game Exhibition and Competition

Throughout Main Lobby & All Floors / 12 Noon – 3 pm

• Keynote Address – Richard Rouse III, Senior Game Designer, Microsoft Game Studios

Concert Hall, Main Auditorium / 4 – 4:45 pm

• Panel Discussion:  “Future Play: The People, the Technology and the Games” – With Tobi Saulnier (Founder/CEO, 1st Playable); Jennifer Oneal (Executive Producer, Vicarious Visions); Richard Vogel (Director, Battlecry Studios); Mark Terrano (Founder/Design Director, Hidden Path Entertainment), and Richard Rouse III.

Concert Hall, Main Auditorium / 5 – 6 pm

• Awards Presentation

Concert Hall, Main Auditorium / 6 – 6:30 pm

GAMEFEST, RPI’s annual celebration of student work in computer games, returns this year to EMPAC, the extraordinary digital arts venue located on the RPI campus.

Launched in 2004, GameFest is a collaboration between Rensselaer’s Games and Simulations Arts & Sciences (GSAS) program and local game development companies.  Student game developers compete for prizes based on technical production, artistry, creativity, and the “groundbreaking” quality of their work.

With its distinct regional focus, GameFest also aims at strengthening the games industry in the Northeast as a whole.  This year’s participating schools include Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), Becker College in Worcester, Mass., and Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont.  Sponsors for 2013 include Vicarious Vision, who also judge the competition, 1st Playable, Agora Games, and RedCandy Games—all located in the Capitol District, and started by RPI alumni.


Gamefest 2013 Competition Winners

1st Place

Magnosphere, Champlain College
Christina Aceves, Vince Bibuild, Ben Bolton, Ian Cubin, Rob Drury, Scott Gilman, Andrew Gould, Phillip Holland, Ryan Topping, Deanna Vaida
Ten 4th years, two semesters

2nd Place

Quibly Ball, Champlain College
Andrew Auclair, Roy Baron, Anthony Blake, Harry Boltz, Travis Constantino, Dave Mahoney, Kyle Killian, Xanth Veilleux
Eight 4th years, two semeters

3rd Place

Unbroken, R.I.T.
John Araujo, Madeliene Rabil
One graduate student, one 4th year, one semester

Excellence in Multi-Player Gameplay

Prismatic Showdown, Rensselaer
Nicholas Cesare, Dennis Co, Chris Debartolomeo, Grace Rhee, Tom Weithers
One 4th year and four 3rd years, one semester

Excellence in Concept

Energy Drive, R.I.T.
Matt DeNovio, Blake Gross, Amanda Imperial, Dustin Kochensparger, Torey Scheer
Five 3rd years, sixty-six weeks

Excellence in Immersion

The Bigfoot Journals, Rensselaer
Dan Hawkins, Colin Neville, Randy Sabella, Rosa Tung, Beth Werbaneth
Five 4th years, one-and-a-half semesters

Excellence in 2D Gameplay

Heist, Rensselaer
Ethan Richards, Christian Tewell, Ian Kettlewell, JJ Go
Four 2nd years, one semester

Excellence in Visuals

Sagittarii Run, Champlain College
Ethan Akey, Christopher Brough, William Dramstad, James Harvey, Matthew Ide, Kyle Marchev, Eric Miles, Jacob Mott, Grant Parker, Jason Rauck, Justin Ryder, Joshua Stowe
Twelve 4th years, two semesters

Excellence in GUI

Crisis of the Super-Verse, Champlain College
Tristan Carter, Martin Cuadra, Eric Euchler, Mason Fiore, Ryan Hill, Kyle Lopes, Adam Reed, Donny Torrey, Connor Vassar, Rebecca Whitley
Ten 4th years, two semesters

GameFest 2013 Sneak Peeks

Gamefest 2103, Saturday April 27 at EMPAC

featuring over 40 games from four schools (RPI, RIT, Champlain College, and Becker College)

Click here for the full schedule

Prismatic Showdown

Nicholas Cesare, Dennis Co, Chris DeBartolomeo, Grace Rhee, Tom Weithers

Prismatic Showdown is a split-screen multiplayer game in which 2-4 players compete to transform a blank playing field into a mess of colors.  The player who colors the most territory with their color wins!
This game is simple and fast-paced, and super easy to pick up and play.  Players move about a grid obtaining power-ups to give them an advantage over others and facilitate their coloring.


Cogs of War

Cogs of War

Kevin Chang, Jay Lee, Andrew Ryther, Kai Vandrunen, Gabriel Violette

Cogs of War is a fast-paced and intense top-down shooter game where teams of players face off on arenas. These arenas contain nodes which link power between the bases. Push the power lines from your base to the opponent’s base in order to lower their shields and achieve victory! Players take control of giant war machines that bring destruction on their opponents with a diverse selection of weaponry.

Monster_Face_SS_final Trees_Rollercoaster_SS_final


Anthony Szymcyzk, Ashley Tanski, Daniel Newton, James Ross, Marcus Baker

The game takes place on an abandoned amusement park island. The island is infested with mysterious monsters from the deep. The player must solve puzzles and navigate through the park in order to be rescued before they are sent to their grave prematurely… or worse. Missions include getting the phone lines working by repairing the phone line that runs through the park and getting the generator working. Once both are working, the game ends and the fate of the player will be discovered.


Gamefest 2012 Sneak Peak

Just a few of the student game projects at Gamefest.  Stay tuned for more!


Tom Astle,  Jacob Knipfing,  Thomas Lanciani, Russell Honor,  Evan Gonzalez, Sylvia Forrest

A fluid, movement-centered game built using Unity, featuring an in-game simplistic 2D monster-raising / fighting minigame. In a largely empty, desert-like world with scattered cities full of people too absorbed with their cellphones to travel or develop other interests, you play as an unusual young man who wants to see the world. Using a mechanical limb setup on which you have spent all your money, you skate across the desert from city to city gathering information for and delivering a small zine which has hired you as a way for you to pay off your debt, and for it to reach out to the unmoving denizens of the cities.

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