Important information for Dual Major students regarding the HASS Core Requirements


We have been working with HASS student services and the Registrar’s Office on requirements for dual majors, and I’m pleased to announce an important clarification regarding the HASS Elective Requirements:

Students who are GSAS Dual Majors (GSAS + CSCI, GSAS + COGS, GSAS+EARTS, GSAS + HCI, GSAS+MGMT) do NOT need to take an additional 24 credits of HASS Electives.

When you are a dual major, if you take courses that satisfy the HASS Elective distribution for one major, you do not need to do it again for the second major.  The following GSAS courses can be used to satisfy the HASS Elective requirements for the other majors (B.S. CSCI, B.S. COGS, etc):

COGS 2520 Introduction to Game Design

COGS 4320 Game Mechanics

COMM 1600 History and Culture of Games

COMM 4220 Character and Story for Games

ARTS 1040 Art for Interactive Media

ARTS 4510 Experimental Game Design


Game Development I and Game Development II can also be applied if you like, depending on which section you registered for.  For example if you are a CS dual and are taking Game Dev I or Game Dev II for CS Option Credit, you can’t use it as a HASS Elective.

These courses satisfy the HASS distribution requirements as outlined in the RPI Catalog

24 Credits within HASS

At least 8 credits of Social Sciences

At least 8 credits of Arts/Humanities

At least 2 courses within the same prefix (depth requirement), at least one above 1000 level

No more than 3 1000-level courses

At least one course above 4000 level


This will probably not show up correctly on your CAPP report, so please contact the HASS advising staff if you need clarification or would like your CAPP report updated.