Nov. 17, 2014, 4:00 PM, Sage 3303


Come hear game designers and visionaries Erin Hoffman and Paul Neurath reflect on games both commercial and applied in a revealing, provocative discussion of the game industry of yesterday, today and tomorrow.


Paul Neurath is a Boston-area serial entrepreneur who has been at the forefront of game innovation.  Paul started as an independent game designer in the 8-bit 1980’s, working on such games as Ultima IV, Ogre, and Space Rogue, and pioneering the first use of 3D texture mapping in games.  In 1990 Paul founded LookingGlass, a studio known for such titles as Ultima Underworld, System Shock, Flight Unlimited, and Thief.  In 2001 Paul founded Floodgate Entertainment, and in 2011 he sold Floodgate to Zynga and joined Zynga as Creative Director for Mobile.  Currently Paul has a new startup in stealth mode.

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Author and video game designer Erin Hoffman was born in San Diego and now lives in northern California, where she works as Game Design Lead at the GlassLab, a nonprofit initiative to innovate big-data-powered video games for learning.  She is the author of the Chaos Knight series from Pyr Books.

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