Zenith by ArcaneKids is one of the eight winners of the IGF Student Showcase, selected from over 300 entries from around the world.  The Student Showcase winners will be exhibited at the 2013 Independent Games Festival at the 27th Game Developers Conference, March 25-29th at the Moscone Center in San Francisco and will compete for an additional Best Student Game award.  Now in its 15th year, the Independent Games Festival honors excellence and creative vision among independent game developers, and consistently showcases games that open new horizons for the medium.

Zenith was created in Kathleen Ruiz’s Experimental Game Design course at RPI, and was one of the winners at the 2012 Rensselaer Gamefest.  The ArcaneKids are Russell Honor, Jacob Knipfing, Tom Astle, Sylvia Forrest, Tom Lanciani, Evan Gonzalez, and Dan Spaulding.

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