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Tin Man Can by Red Candy Games is now available on the App Store for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Game Description

Soaring through the cosmos, unicycling HoverBot Tic was homeward bound when a wormhole appeared, dragging him and his ship into another dimension. Help Tic survive the pitfalls of four strange colorful worlds and gather enough of the scattered hovatrons and fuel cells he needs to get home in one piece.

Game Features 

  • Help Tic gather hovatrons scattered across 60 levels on four colorful and detailed worlds.
  • Simple one touch game — just tap to hover
  • Colorful animated visuals and a catchy six-song soundtrack
  • Play friends in head-to-head online multiplayer races
  • Customize Tic with over 60 store items
  • UNIVERSAL: Works, and looks incredible, on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.